Do you want to be on TV?

A couple of days ago, I got an email from someone named Rachel, a casting associate with Magilla Entertainment, a New York-based television production company that specializes in non scripted programming.  Which I’m guessing is synonymous with reality TV shows?

Here’s a link to their website and current programs:  Magilla TV

They are developing a new show that will follow different people changing their lives in various ways, and one episode will focus on multiple trans-people and varying stages in their transition.  They will be pairing people up with a mentor or coach to help them through aspects such as coming out, starting to wear clothes they identify with, and contemplating surgery.

Rachel asked me if I’d consider becoming a coach for the show, and although I’m flattered, there’d be NO WAY I would do this!  For one thing, I’m an introvert and although I can envision contributing to an anthology or being a part of a magazine story, this is way way way too BIG.  Also, the premise is intriguing, but I fear the tone could become exploitative (as is the nature of reality shows, usually).

If you’re not scared off by these types of things though, this might be the right fit for you.  Here is the casting call and contact information:


Are you struggling with who you are? Do you feel like you were born into the wrong body? Are you living life as the opposite gender you were given at birth? Magilla Entertainment and a major cable network are now casting men and women who identify as the opposite gender and who are considering going through a transition for a new docu-series. If you have been struggling with your gender identity and want the support of a coach or mentor as you transition, we want to hear your story. If you think you are ready to embark on this journey, please contact us ASAP at with your name, age, location, occupation, contact phone number, a recent photo and a few sentences about yourself.

I’m glad for the increase in media representations lately and really hope they aim to showcase a diverse group of trans-people.  Demonstrate that not all narratives are the same.  (For example, point out that not every trans-person identifies with having been “born into the wrong body.”  Another example: a non-binary person!)  And, most importantly, to convey these struggles with the deserved respect!

2 Comments on “Do you want to be on TV?”

  1. Jamie Ray says:

    I got an invite also (T-Central), and my response will be my Wednesday post. I think you’d make a great coach/mentor (outside of the craziness of being on TV). You are really thoughtful about your transition process/progress and open about your personal issues. I don’t think you’d be judgmental or critical of anyone considering making a move.

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