Gearing up for the Philly Trans-Health Conference 2015

In two days, my partner and I will be on our way to this annual amazing, informative, free conference.  It’ll be my 5th time going, and we’ll be staying with friends in South Philly like we’ve done in the past.

I’m a little fearful that I’m not well enough to make this trip and be engaged with the activities.  I am definitely improving from this long depression, but I have to admit it’s been rare that I’ve been getting enjoyment out of anything.  I’m worried that the stress of traveling and socializing and being present for workshops and people-watching will be too much.  On the other hand, it’s an awesome opportunity, and we’ve gone before, so it’s not like going into something brand new.  And I’ll be with my partner; we can check in with each other.  There was a day or two where my partner was unsure if she’d be able to go, due to work.  She told me to start preparing to go without her – maybe catch a ride with some friends we know are going.  I thought about how this would play out in my head and was definitely less sure this was do-able.  Fortunately, she got the work stuff squared away.  I am super glad because I need her for emotional support right now.

We’re going for a day more than we have in the past, so we’ll have opportunities to go to all three conference days (Thursday through Saturday).  We will have time to do other things (not sure what exactly yet) and still get in plenty of conference time.

I’m excited about a few of the workshops.  Looking forward to one facilitated by the founder of Transgress Press.  And a film about FTM people from 10 different countries.  And especially, a couple of workshops about non-binary identities.  One called The Future of Gender Queer, and another called Non-Binary (In)visibility.  Over all, there seems to be less programming about non-binary topics than last year, and I wonder why this might be.  Just how it happened, I guess.  I have to admit that while looking at the schedule, I’m not getting that same feeling of excitement and limitless resource potential as I have in the past, but I think that’s more about where I am emotionally.  I hope I do get a lot out of it.  I hope I can feel present and engaged.

My partner and I are so excited/anxious about the trip that we already picked out some outfits, did some ironing, and packed our bags!

Is anyone else going to the conference?  I’d love to say “hi” in person.  I’m not the best at facial recognition, but I do hope to recognize some people!  I’ll be wearing turquoise shorts (if you want help spotting me).  Don’t worry – I have a couple of pairs of turquoise shorts; I won’t be wearing the same clothes every day.

4 Comments on “Gearing up for the Philly Trans-Health Conference 2015”

  1. Lesboi says:

    I’m hoping to go at least for one day, maybe two. I need to figure that out today and make plans. I’m hoping to catch up with a few people from here and say hi as well. I’ll look for your turquoise shorts for sure if I make it there.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m going, though I haven’t figured out what I’ll be wearing yet. Trying to figure out how to balance desired presentation with not overheating and not being a target of street violence in a city I’m not familiar with…


  3. Jamie Ray says:

    I’ll be there Thursday and Friday, I’ve got a function I need to go to on Saturday 😦
    I’ll look for you and your shorts.


  4. I wish I’d known about this sooner… I wouldn’t have volunteered to work on Saturday. 😦 Maybe next year.


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