Featured Voices: Trusting My Gut

Micah, of Neutrois Nonsense, started a new component to his blog this month. It’s called “Featured Voices,” and the month’s topic is top surgery. There have been 3 other posts before this one – go to his website and check it out! And stay tuned for future topics!


Continuing February’s theme of Featured Voices: Top Surgery I wanted to highlight someone in his mid-thirties who has learned to comfortably inhabit that genderqueer limbo, yet still makes time to self-reflect about body, gender, past, and future. 

After 12 years of thinking about it, Kameron scheduled top surgery. With express clarity, Kameron walks us through the years leading up to this decision. There wasn’t confusion, necessarily; it was rather a process of learning to listen to his gut “despite the fact that my gut speaks very quietly.” 

Trusting My Gut

I am getting top surgery on June 1st.

This may come as a surprise, since I have barely talked about or written about my feelings toward my chest.  That doesn’t mean the thought process wasn’t there though; it just means I wasn’t ready for it to be much more than something swirling in my head, around and around and around.  I’d mention it on occasion to my partner. …

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