I was in the hospital (again)

Oh, hey, dang, I’ve been absent for a while.  I was in the hospital, again because I was manic (the time before that was January, 2015).  This time it was a week:  from May 15th-22nd.  I’m currently out of work until June 19th.  I’m sure once I’m feeling up to it, I’ll be writing a lot in the upcoming weeks.  For now though, I’m thinking I’ll have a handful of short, somewhat abstract updates to this blog.  The first one being:

I am a transgender person and I was hospitalized for mania and my blood was tested, and I was administered my testosterone shot, but my T-levels in my bloodstream were not monitored at any point in time during my stay.

I feel legitimately angry, like, about as angry as I am capable of getting, about this.  Because I experienced some really really bizarre symptoms while there, that I would chalk up to hormonal issues, but there’s nothing for me to measure that against.

I was shouting A LOT.  Like, I am not a shouter.  I was SUPER vocal, the entire time I was there..

My menstrual cycle came back in a super condensed, concentrated form, for about 3 days…

Digestive issues…

Sex drive??  Zero

I called people out in their shit, in real time (generally something might occur to me later, what I should have said)…

I was actually able to keep my anxiety in check this time…

Smells and tastes were all over the place…


Blah!  When will it sink in, that transgender people face different challenges, and these need monitoring too!

10 Comments on “I was in the hospital (again)”

  1. Lesboi says:

    Glad you’re back and hopefully feeling better. I look forward to hearing more from you soon. Take care, Kameron. 🙂


  2. MainelyButch says:

    Welcome back. I do hope things will level out for you, and that you will begin to feel better and be more positive. I deal with a lot of depression and addiction issues, so I can somewhat relate. I find that you have to be VERY proactive with your doctors/caregivers and not be afraid to ask for or demand tests that you feel are relevant and necessary for you to feel better and to understand what is going on with your body. I hope to hear more from you, writing can be a really good outlet! Be well! Peace! ~MB

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  3. Glad you’re out of in-patient care. I wish they’d provided you with proper care conforming to established best practice 😦

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  4. Kris says:

    Thinking of you in my small way across the pond, Kameron. Take care.

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  5. Cairtheand says:

    I was wondering what was up with you just before you posted. Glad you´re good enough to be out of there now. And oh yeah hormones can do a lot for mood – I myself tend to get vocal when things go awry.

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