3 months on testosterone

Today marks 3 months on T-injections.  My prescription is for 50ml / week, but I’ll admit I was using more than that for the first 6 weeks.  I’ve been doing 50 regularly for the last 6 weeks though, leading up to my blood test, because I really do want to see where the levels are, at that amount.  I have an appointment on Thursday with the endocrinologist to discuss this.  I’m going to ask to be put on a higher dose.  Which I may or may not bump myself up to.  I… just really like to stockpile testosterone and to have some personal control over it.

Changes have been occurring at a comfortable pace.  I’ve gained maybe 8 pounds, mostly in my abs, shoulders, and pecs.  I get more dark hairs on my chin and upper lip, which just means I gotta use the tweezers more often!  My voice definitely dropped within the last month – I’d say that is the most noticeable thing.  And I have mixed feelings about that, because it is such a permanent thing.  But, so far I’d say I’m getting used to it and will probably ultimately be happy about it.

We went to Easter Sunday at my Aunt’s, and it was the first time I’d seen my relatives since these changes have occurred.  I felt a little self-conscious, because they do know I’m trans and that I changed my name and some of them know about my top surgery.  But I haven’t said I am on testosterone.  And I’m not gonna.  It will just be.

Being out at work has been going super well.  Everyone is consistent with “Kameron.”  The “he/she,” “Mr.” etc is all over the place, which is overall fine by me because my gender is all over the place, and at least everyone knows that I said, “Kameron/he/Mx.”

Other than that, it’s been pretty low key.  It’s certainly not as big a deal in my head as getting on Androgel, 4 years ago, was.  I imagine I’ll be on the injections for a few more months at this point.  And then on and off of them, sporadically, for the rest of my life.  Probably.

I came up with a new term in my head, today, to describe my gender.  I’m definitely not “mannish,” but I do think that I am “male-ish.”

Here’s my face:  Other than not being able to get the lighting right, I think that my cheeks and neck have filled out a bit…

before injections



3 months on injections

Oh, also, I almost forgot!  I barely got my period this month – it was way late, and it was sooooo light, at that.  That was awesome.  It kinda freaks me out that that’s all it takes, and there are no health consequences(?) for the cessation of menses.  But, I guess it’s relatively normal, like with birth control and stuff…

Also, yesterday at work, we were using swing machines, which is uncommon (extra work over break).  And they require a lot of upper body strength.  I’d normally be sore after that, but today?  Not sore!

10 Comments on “3 months on testosterone”

  1. Hi Kameron,
    I’ve been following you for a while now, but this is my first comment. I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m also genderqueer / trans / nonbinary (so many words!), and I just started T injections (my first time on T) almost 10 weeks ago. It’s been so cool to follow along with you, since we started at almost the same time. I am on a low dose, though, so my changes have been pretty slow. You are looking fantastic! Thanks for sharing your story for us fellow nonbinary folks. I am tracking my changes on Instagram, if you’re on there, and interested, I’m lanenjasper.


    • janitorqueer says:

      Hey Lanen, thanks so much! Yeah, that’s awesome we started super close to each other – if you don’t mind sharing, what dose are you on? Do you like that level? I just got my levels back, and my T is at 747. That is high! Way higher than I was thinking it’d be…
      I’m not on Instagram, but I’d love to follow on Facebook, or for you to send a couple photos to janitorqueer@gmail.com!


      • I’m on .1 ml of 200mg / ml. It’s been a good level, nice and slow, but still noticeable that things are happening. I don’t know what my blood levels are yet since I haven’t had blood work done since I started on T. I think you might be able to view my Instagram without signing in … https://www.instagram.com/lanenjasper/

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      • janitorqueer says:

        Just checked it out – you look great!


      • Lanen says:

        Hi again, Kameron. I just had my T levels checked for the first time I’m at 550-ish. I upped my dose three months ago to .2 ml / week. I’m going to back down to .2 ml every 10 days, since 550 is in the “normal male” range and I was planning on keeping it to a medium sort of range. Are you still doing a full .5?


      • janitorqueer says:

        hey, good to hear from you!

        yep I’m still doing a full .5, and my levels were at like 790 which I was very surprised by because it didn’t FEEL that way to me! so I guess I’ve made note of the number but haven’t given it much weight since I like the way I feel and the rate of the changes regardless, so far…


  2. not just a country boi says:

    wow!! your face and neck have really changed a lot, your jaw line has changed significantly too, maybe you don’t notice because you see yourself everyday but there is a very big change 🙂 and your shoulders seem a bit broader, more squared off, all very very good 🙂


  3. ecovitae says:

    Very nice!

    You can tell that there are some differences beginning to show. Wish I could hear your voice too though! it would be interesting in hearing the difference. Is there any special diet that you have adopted since the TRT? Or are your meals pretty much the same as they were before you started the TRT?


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