2.75 years on T (2 weeks off)

This 3 month period has been the most turbulent in terms of applying Androgel.  I had increased my dose over the summer from 1 to 2 pumps, and then in October I increased to 3 pumps.  From November 19 – Deceember 5, I was off T completely, something I had not done since I started.  And then starting December 5, I went back on at 4 pumps.

The reason for the increases is that I’m looking for some masculinizing changes to happen.  They haven’t yet, even though I have quadrupled my dose.  Maybe I just need to be more patient.  I got a blood test done yesterday and have a doctor’s appointment on Monday – I will be super curious to see what my testosterone levels are at.  I feel like I should be well within the male range.  If I continue to not see changes, I may have to decide to switch to injections, but I hope I don’t have to.  I’m not looking for a drastic change, and I’m surprised this dose, which I believe is within the standard range for someone transitioning, isn’t doing anything.  Maybe it’s just still too early.

The reason I stopped T for about 2 weeks was because I’m told that in order to get top surgery, the surgeon should be telling you to be off T before and also after, to help prevent blood clotting.  The surgeon I’m looking into requires being off T for a total of a month.  I’d never tried being off T before, and I wasn’t about to try it for a first time right as I’m gearing up for a major life event.  So I thought I’d do a practice run.  It didn’t go too well.  Maybe some of it was in my head, but I did not feel all that great.  (Although, I have to say I don’t feel great right now either; of course countless factors contribute to how you feel.)  I definitely felt like my body hurt more, I didn’t feel like eating as much (something I have trouble with anyway), and I felt colder, for sure.  My mood plummeted, but it was still within a range I could tolerate…  I might do another practice run at some point to feel more confident about it; I do not like the idea of being off T in order to have surgery, but I know it’s important.

Here are some past posts in this series.  In earlier posts, I talked a lot more about the effects of testosterone.  I guess it’s starting to get a bit redundant!

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And, as always, some pictures of my face:

2.75 years

2.75 years (I need to cut my hair!)








2 years

2 years

1.75 years on testosterone

1.75 years

1 year

1 year






9 Comments on “2.75 years on T (2 weeks off)”

  1. Lesboi says:

    In my experience using both methods I thought my result ramped up much faster on the injections. The gel does work but it’s much more gradual in my opinion. If you’re wanting faster results maybe switching to injections for a short time would be helpful to get you where you want to be quicker. Just a thought.


  2. Luka says:

    My endo told me same like Lesboi said. The gel might be not strong enough to start a “real puberty”. I’m almost 6months on Testogel now and have to say it hasn’t give me major changes. Though I grew more body hair but it’s still very less in comparison to other men. I think the gel needs more time to work 😉 If you want to change to injections, beware if you have it in your body for one time it will be there for a while! Testogel you can stop if it gets to much for you.


  3. Jamie Ray says:

    I’m sure you’ve done due dilligence, but I think you need to give the 4 pumps (full gel dose) a longer time to see a change in results. One of the guys in my group is using the patch – which avoids both injections and the surge/drop cycle. Although everyone reacts differently, he has had voice drop, body hair growth, and fat distribution changes.
    I think the changes over time are subtle, but there. Can your partner see them?


    • Lesboi says:

      I agree with what Jamie says here. You’ve only been on the new dose for a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t expect even the injections to make a drastic difference in that period of time. Talk to your doctor, but I would definitely suggest giving it a few months at least to see what it does for you.


      • janitorqueer says:

        yeah, I would definitely give it more time, when I’m ready. I actually went back down to 1 pump because I started worrying about hair loss again. It’s a fine balance!


  4. Hey I wont add anything to the discussion on gel vs injections… but I do want to say my surgeon(s) never made me stop T. This was for top surgery. one touch up where I was under again and a recent sinus surgery. I even brought it up each time and was always told it isn’t an issue. I never had a problem. If we have the same T level s as a bio-male I am not sure what the issue is which is what my plastic surgeon pointed out to me. So food for thought.


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